Some terribly sad statistics for World Refugee Day:

For the first time since WWII, the global number of refugees has passed 50m. Half of them are children. 

If displaced people had their own country it would be the 24th-largest, population-wise, in the world. That’s a 6m increase from 2012, largely due to the Syrian civil war. 

2.8m Syrians are refugees, with an additional 6.5m internally displaced (that’s about 40% of the total population). 

There are about 1m (registered; the real number is much higher) Syrian refugees in Lebanon, making up a quarter of that country’s population; 760,000 in Turkey; 600,000 in Jordan, and 200,000 in Iraq (never mind the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis that have become IDPs in the last week alone). 

The UK has only taken in 24 Syrian refugees under its relocation scheme. And no, that’s not a typo.

Photograph: Adem Altan/AFP/Getty Images



Art is Louder Than Words: Illustrators in Support of Gay Rights in Russia!

Illustration Agency Anna Goodson wanted to show their support for LGBT rights in Russia in light of recent laws that have made life worse for LGBT individuals living under Putin’s Russia. You can see the full gallery here. These are a selection of the beautiful artworks that have been produced. This is what Anna Goodson Wrote:

There is a lot of controversy regarding the next Olympic Winter Games, due to take place in Sochi, Russia, especially with Russian laws regarding homosexuality.

At Anna Goodson Illustration Agency, we believe that Art Speaks Louder Than Words and we wanted to make a statement and show the world that our agency and illustrators don’t support discrimination or violence of any kind, regardless of religion, race or sexual orientation.

We hope that you will all share and post this illustration and help make this world a more tolerant one to live in.


Anna G.

Yeah, I’ve been saving this reblog up for a while now.

About this time two years ago, I described 2011 as feeling like “an end-of-season finale”, thanks to all the spectacular news events it contained. The Arab spring! Fukushima! The August riots! Dead Bin Laden! Dead Gaddafi! Remember? Course you don’t.

Like all season finales, it was a tough act to follow, and consequently 2012 was a sort commercial break – and comparative lull – whereas 2013 has been the opening episode of Humankind: Season Two. And this time around the producers are going for a pared-down, considerably darker feel, with less emphasis on spectacle and more on shock after stomach-churning shock.

There’s a Ministry of Magic website and it’s beautiful. 


she is SIXTEEN

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Day sixteen. Milford Sound.
Ten minutes earlier the weather was awful, now it’s looking up…

Day sixteen. Dolphins!